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What we do is very simple – we use scientific knowledge on human behaviour, couple this with real life experiments and create better informed outcomes. Whatever it is you’re working on we can help. Whether that is designing and creating new products, designing interventions, framing communications, or creating better working environments.

We focus on three key areas:

  • Design:
  • think about the design of a product, service or even environment (e.g., workplace or park). Is the product designed inclusively? Does it factor in how human behaviour and emotion might limit or enhance engagement with it?

  • Decision:
  • Whether you're making breakfast or deciding what to wear in the morning, your brain is making upward of 35,000 decisions each day. How does your brains shortcuts and biases affect your decision making?

  • Behaviour:
  • Organisations and governments are constantly looking to influence behaviour in one way or the other. Whether it is trying to influence healthier choices, or it’s about managers making fairer hiring decisions.

Whatever area you’re working on we can help make sure your efforts are more effective and have the power of behavioural science behind you. Think of us as your very own researchers making your organisation a better place one experiment at a time.

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Irfaan Arif - Founder

Irfaan is the heart of Develop Minds – he has worked tirelessly to create a company that really cares about client’s needs. As a personality, Irfaan is quite an introverted person and a deep thinker. He listens before he speaks and will always aim to help you come to the right solutions to the right problems.

Irfaan is a father to three young children that he spends 70% of his time with. He does this by managing his days to be more purposeful and focused, rather than urgent and task led – and uses the principles of behaioural science to nudge himself and his family’s health and wellbeing😊

Irfaan’s expertise lie in behavioural science, psychological safety, diversity & inclusion and coaching. He has worked with a range of clients across the globe ranging from large multinationals to small micro and medium sized enterprises.