Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

As a company we started our journey in 2012 as a ED&I consultancy, so naturally we offer a comprehensive offering to create inclusive companies through behavioural science. We’ve always treated Inclusion as behavioural and cultural phenomena that influence the performance of organisations in a range of ways.

When we think about EDI, we think about history and the ‘dangerous ideas’ that have left a legacy for today’s societal inequalities. For example, Race is not biological, but rather invented by humans. “Scientists” (pseudo) in the 17-1800’s wanted to create a way to categorise people and so invented hierarchies of ability. For example, If you were White European you were at the top of the list and described as intelligent, civilised and enlightened. If you were Black and from Africa, you were often caricatured as barbaric, savage, physical and uncivilised.

All other ‘races’ were somewhere in between. But this was an ‘idea’ that was created, spread across the western world as propaganda and then subsequently served as justification for the Transatlantic Slave Trade as well as other things such as colonialism. What we see today is a legacy of this dangerous idea that at some point became a societal truth but is taking a long time to eradicate.

The above is a simplified version of this history but applies in the same way to other aspects of human identity (e.g., gender).

We work with you to really understand your context as an organisation. We don’t provide a one size fits all solution but rather follow our RUBIC model to really get to the core of what it is your trying to change. Most often that is behaviours which collectively influence your culture. Outcomes of our initial assessment might require:

  • Learning & Development:
  • Impactful and engaging workshops, webinars or longer programmes. These can be focused on leadership (inclusive leadership) or wider awareness raising sessions such as conscious inclusion (focusing on unconscious bias). We’ll always create something tailored to your needs.

  • EDI Strategy & Evaluation:
  • Crafting actionable strategies that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within your organization.

  • EDI Assessment:
  • Providing regular reviews and feedback on your EDI initiatives to ensure their effectiveness and continual improvement.

  • Cultural Intelligence Workshops:
  • Equipping your team with the knowledge and skills to respect and appreciate cultural difference