Decoding Human Behaviour For A Better World

Through the lens of behavioural science, we discover that our perceptions and actions are coloured by a complex blend of factors. Just like these glasses filter light, our minds filter reality, shaped by our experiences, biases, and the social world around us. At Develop Minds, we decode these filters to understand and positively influence human behaviour

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Our Approach

At Develop Minds, our RUBIC approach is designed to address behavioural challenges. We Review the current situation, Understand the complexities, Build tailored strategies, Implement these solutions, and Continue to ensure sustained success.

Our goal is to drive meaningful behavioural change, whether that be enhancing diversity and inclusion, improving employee engagement, increasing customer satisfaction, or cultivating an overall culture transformation. Develop Minds is here to help you navigate your journey of behavioural change.


This initial step involves taking a comprehensive look at the current behavioural patterns in your organization, collecting relevant data, and identifying existing challenges.


We delve deeper into the complexities and underlying reasons for these behaviors. Using behavioural science, we seek to understand why certain behaviours occur and how they impact your organization.


Once we understand the root causes of the behavioural patterns, we construct a strategic roadmap tailored to your organization's unique needs. We create strategies grounded in behavioural science to address the identified challenges.


We then work collaboratively with your organization to put these plans into action, providing support and guidance throughout the implementation process.


The final step involves continuous monitoring and evaluation of the implemented strategies. We work with you to make necessary adjustments, ensuring sustained success and ongoing alignment with your goals.

Equity,Diversity & Inclusion

As a company we started our journey in 2012 as a D&I consultancy, so naturally we offer a comprehensive offering to create inclusive companies through behavioural science.

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Organisational Behaviour Analysis

We get to the heart of how your team works together, showing you ways to make everyone happier and more productive.

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Consumer behaviour Studies

We help you get inside your customers' heads to understand what they truly want, so you can make your products and services even better

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Culture Transformation

We're here to help you build a workplace culture that everyone loves being part of - a place where great ideas thrive.

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Product Design Consulting

We help you make your products so easy and enjoyable to use that your customers can't help but love them.

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Employee Engagement Programs

We put together plans to keep your team motivated, efficient, and loving their work, all based on what science tells us works best.

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Training and Workshops:

We offer fun and interactive training sessions to help you and your team use the insights from behavioural science in your daily work.

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What Our Company Upholds

Here at Develop Minds , we value evidence-based solutions, innovation, and client collaboration to create positive outcomes. We believe in empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions that drive behavioral change and promote well-being.

Evidence-Based Approach :

We rely on scientific research and data to inform our strategies and interventions.

Practical Applications :

Our solutions are designed to address real-world challenges and produce tangible results.

Continuous Learning :

We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in the field of behavioral science to continuously improve our offerings.

Individualized Approach :

We recognize that every individual is unique and tailor our interventions to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

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