Product Design Consulting

Product design:
At Develop Minds, we believe that great products are those that make your customers' lives better, easier, and more enjoyable. And how do you create such products? By understanding your customers' behaviour and designing with that in mind.

  • Elevating User Experience (UX):
  • We use our RUBIC model and delve into understanding your customers' behaviours and preferences. What do they want? What frustrates them? We then use these insights to help you design your products to be as intuitive, easy, and pleasant to use as possible. It's all about making your customers say "Aha!" instead of "Huh?".

  • Applying Behavioural Design:
  • We sprinkle a bit of behavioural science magic into your product design. It's about subtly guiding your customers towards beneficial behaviours and outcomes without them even realizing it. Imagine a product that not only looks good but also nudges your customers in the right direction.

  • Testing with Real Users:
  • You've made a product, great! But how do real users feel about it? We set up user tests to gather real-time feedback and make necessary improvements. It's all about iterating until your product is just right.